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Plastics industry: Many potential, very challenging (2010-12-18 02:22:00)

Plastics increasingly used to replace many other materials such as wood, metal, to reduce the purchase price. For example, type PVC pipe has the advantages of chemical resistance, no corrosion, impact resistance and pressure, well insulated and easy installation ... should have replaced the tubes made from traditional materials such as metal and concrete.

Production technology of the enterprise (company) resin in water was able to pace the eight sectors of economic and technical plastics, including technologies for the production of integrated circuits in plastic, PET, PEN, a complex membrane transplantation BOPP of high ...

But one of the most difficult challenges for the plastic industry is basically dependent on imported raw materials, the erratic prices of raw materials and molds.

Currently, our country has only two plants producing PVC Plastics Company Limited and TPC Vina Chemical (TPC Vina), with a total capacity of about 250,000 tons of PVC per year and another plant of Chemical Joint Venture LG Vina substances (LG Vina) annually provides about 150,000 tons of DOP.

Because domestic production of raw materials to meet only 10% of the company needs plastic, plastic each year should be 2 to 2.5 million tons of imported materials ...

Currently the cost of raw materials for enterprises account for 70-75% resin production costs, thereby increasing or reducing prices of imported raw materials will directly affect the efficiency of production and trading of plastics .

Therefore, if solved material "input", sample products, plastic goods of our country can export (export) large scale, because world demand is very high on this item .

Besides, the world's plastic industry is making a shift toward the new disadvantages for exporters in Vietnam, so two months of this year, exports have fallen more than 20% over the same period last year.

Currently, there are 800 large companies, more than 2,000 manufacturing facilities both smaller, specialized in manufacturing, trading and export of plastic.

Domestic enterprises have long been aware of the development of the domestic market, the plastic products originating from China, though cheaper, can not compete with domestic goods.

However, make changes in materials and technology to the plastics industry today is not that easy to implement in a short time, due to the small businesses already weaker after a long struggle against terrorist economic crisis.
Therefore, businesses need to develop synergy.
This is also a good time to invest in new business equipment, techniques, technologies, thereby creating high-tech plastic products, packaging can self destruct to protect environment cases, the products of domestic service sectors of automobiles, motorcycles, electronic products for consumer ...

Aside from the domestic market, companies need to continue to exploit the export market mainly plastic products in our country today are Japan, USA, Cambodia division, Phi-Philippines, South Korea , Australia-a-li ... marketing the new EU member countries, Africa, the Middle East.

Recently, VPA has been working with the ministries of Trade and Industry, Natural Resources - Environment on imported scrap recycling, to support the company through difficult times.

The Association also collaborates with relevant agencies to support export interest rates, short-term capital for corporations, inviting foreign experts to participate in intensive training courses for businesses, helping connect companies looking for partners ... on that basis, the implementation of anti-dumping, unfair competition, infringement of industrial property ...

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