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Self-heating packaging market heats up (2013-02-06 09:42:00)

HeatGenie has announced plans to expand and accelerate efforts to bring HeatGenie's patent pending self-heating technology to the market. The company has signed an addendum to their joint development agreement with packaging products supplier Crown Holdings Inc. for beverage and sippable soup packaging.

Development to date has focused on can/heater technology and the interaction of the heater with the can and its contents. The addendum to the joint development agreement expands the scope to include collaborative efforts necessary to bring this innovative technology to market including sampling, manufacturing equipment engineering, supply chain development and scaling activities to commercialize with strategic brand partners. HeatGenie's heater manufacturing partner will participate in commercialization activities going forward.

The HeatGenie self-heating technology heats beverages within their package. To activate, consumers simply press a button at the bottom of the package. The common, food-safe material within the heater provides high content energy and heat at a controlled rate. The end result is a cup of hot coffee or soup safely heated in the can in less than two minutes.

"We are pleased with development to date of the HeatGenie/Crown integrated self-heating packaging solution," says Daniel Abramowicz, evp of technology and regulatory affairs at Crown. "We've looked at many different self-heating technologies and continue to think the HeatGenie technology's advantages (faster heating time and more favorable product / heater ratio) position it for commercial success."

The expanded agreement also includes increased joint business development activities. According to HeatGenie's CEO Brendan Coffey, "We're excited to be entering into this new phase of development with Crown and look forward to having product in the market this year."


Source: HeatGenie



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